...even after being harvested the ripening process brings water & heat into the grain mass.When freshly harvested grains are stored under warm ambient condition especially in the case of tropical, deserts zone countries are at high risk,addition to that higher relative humidity is doubles the risk of insects, mites and fungus (possibly mycotoxins). According to the study 25% of world’s crop is contaminated with mycotoxins and approximately 9% of contamination due to insects every year.

Aeration uses ambient air & it is not a solution. The ability of that air to reduce the heat is limited under tropical & desert condition where the ambient temperature is high most of the time. Secondly relative humidity is higher in tropical zone which leads in moisturizing the grain. The air is only able to take the excess heat from the grain which is above the ambient temperature. Therefore the temperature of the grain bulk remains relative high which results in high dry matter loss(weight loss) of carbohydrates and water accumulation(fungus risk) in the grain mass.


     ...most effective and natural preservation grain technik as the unit controlling both temperature and the relative humidity of the air – regardless of ambient conditions – no need for using highly toxic chemicals to protect grain in storage from being damaged by insects, mites and fungus. Uniform Chill air set temperature and relative humidity from GT control panel guarantees quality & quantity of the grain bulk. Once the grain is cooled the grain remains cooler for longer duration. Therefore with our GT one cooling cycle approximately 3weeks is enough for the grain to retain it temperature for long term.


     ...after many years of research and collaboration with various farmers, millers and Agriculture Universities. Primary focus is to build technology that is cost effective, sustainable and highly reliable for conservation of grain. We focused majorly on Indian crop wastage root cause and what is the best suitable method to preserve grain without losing its nutritional properties. Our main product, the Grain Cooler utilizes the latest technology in the field of refrigeration to control temperature & humidity levels of the grain, stored in either silos or warehouses. By achieving the desired temperature & moisture levels, the grain can be kept safe from any insects, fungus or any losses associated with drying. The GT-Series Grain Coolers are custom built as per environmental conditions & customer requirements. Using the most up to date techniques such as VFD Driven Motors & Compressor Discharge Recycle, we ensure that our product is not only more efficient in operation but keeps running costs to a minimum.

Advantages of GT - Cooler

All our new product


  • Maintains the harvest freshness.
  • Eliminating the need of fumigation and other chemical treatment for insects.
  • Eliminating the grain weight loses caused due to respiration.
  • Eliminates electrical/fuel drying expenditure for safe storage.
  • Prevents from Fungusand life threatening mycotoxins.
  • Moist grain can also be dried using economical drying mode.
  • No change in color of grain.
  • Prevents formation of hot spots.
  • No chances of backing of grains.
  • Pallets cooling to eliminate breakage and stress cracks.
  • Reduction on broken rice.
  • High germination quality.
  • Highly safe and easy to operate.
  • No need of additional grain circulation silo to avoid hot spot/backing.
  • Weather independent to operate.