GT-150 details


Technical Data

Product Technical Data


Storage Size/Silo
Upto 1500T
Upto 4200T
Upto 8000T
Nominal Cooling Capacity *
67 KW
140 KW
210 KW
Power Supply
3 Ph, 415/460V, 50/60 Hz
3 Ph, 415V/50 Hz
3 Ph, 400V/50 Hz
Supply Air Setting Range
10 - 20 Deg C
10 - 20 Deg C
10 - 20 Deg C
R-407C (Eco-Friendly)
R-407C (Eco-Friendly)
R-407C (Eco-Friendly)
Air flow @ 1000 Pa Static Pressure
6000 m3/hr
15000 m3/hr
25000 m3/hr
Approx Dimensions (L X W XH)
2800 mm X 1200 mm X 1850 mm
3400 mm X 1800 mm X 2255 mm
4100 mm X 2200 mm X 2700 mm
Approx Weight
900 Kg
1900 Kg
3100 Kg

* Nominal Cooling Capacity is based on following conditions
Ambient Temperature @ 30 Deg C Relative Humidity @ 60% Static Pressure @ 1000 Pa Air Supply Set Temperature @ 13 Deg C

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Grain Technik mission is to accelerate world’s transformation to natural conservation of grain. We want to simplify the grain storage to the level user could operate different site location from remote. We make positive contribution to world by preserving the grain by natural conservation. We make our customer successful so as our employees.

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