• Trial Run Services

    We offer grain cooler for trial run exclusively for Customers in India before going for purchase.

  • Installation and commissioning Services

    GrainTechnik service team takes complete scope of grain cooler installation and commissioning. Our team ensures that the users can independantly & safely operate the units.

  • Remote monitoring Services

    The unit can be remotely monitored with facility of displaying any faults at location of your choice. Our service team will assist in troubleshooting.

  • Annual Maintenance Contract

    The first benefit of preventive maintenance is that it increases the efficiency, cooling and life of your equipment. It conserves energy and prevents breakdown of the equipment during critical times of operation. Regular servicing & checks on all Refrigerant components ensure they are only replaced after completing their lifecycle & not before.

  • Unit Health Check

    Our trained service professionals are always available to visit your site to perform a detailed unit health check. Recommended at least once in every year.

  • General Recommendations

    Regular cleaning practice & checking of electrical connections. Fortnightly cleaning of filters. Clean outdoor condenser coil only with compressed air/air blower/Cleaning Brush

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