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Tips to Safeguard the Stored Grains from Fungi, Pests, and Insects

Storing grains and seeds is a Herculean task because it involves a large number of typical difficulties. Some of the major ones include quality, and weight loss caused by the metabolic respiration. And the development of different types of insects, fungi, and mycotoxins. These problems have been around for many years and are considered to be unavoidable. The only partial solutions included drying, turning, chemical fumigation, and some other standard practices. This blog discusses some practical and pragmatic ways to safeguard your grains from different hazards.

Carrying out the foundational homework before storage

As far as the protection of grain from a large number of typical problems and conditions is concerned. It simply begins even before the storage process is initiated. You need to clean and empty the grain store completely. Pay special attention to corners, joints, and crevices because these are the spaces responsible for providing shelter for insects and pests. Pests have an amazing ability to survive under old grains as well as dust which is accumulated in holes and cracks across the grain store. Therefore, you need to thoroughly clean and eliminate such refuges very attentively.

In case the conveying equipment’s set is not functioning well, it will surely damage the conveyed bulk. Therefore, be particular about their cleanliness and functioning. The broken grains can also be an easy meal for those pest species and grain beetles that are not able to feed on intact grain. The cleaning of the warehouse calls for actions exactly according to the set standards and regulations keeping in view the application of certain pesticides. And, it also needs proper documentation without fail.

All the brought-in grains also need to be thoroughly checked and inspected before they are transferred to the grain store. Some constructional measures that include safeguarding exhaust air holes with meshes or grilles can also be a great idea to get rid of birds and rodents from the grain.

Take fungi seriously as they equally harm cereals, humans, and animals

Field fungi (primary fungi) enter the warehouse or grain store as and when the harvest comes in. And this type of fungi is responsible for the development of secondary fungi. When the conditions get favorable, these moulds produce extremely fatal and toxic mycotoxins. That are dangerous not only for human beings but also for animals. Even if the pigs consume those mycotoxins-affected grains, they fall prey to reduced growth, lost appetite, and fertility problems. Heat and moisture are responsible for igniting the metabolism of moulds while promoting the development of harmful mycotoxins. In case sufficient arrangements are not made and the crop is left uncooled. The entire atmosphere offers ideal growing conditions for maximum fungi development

The early discovery or detection of insect infestation is difficult

The infestation of insects can drastically damage the grain stored in the grain store or warehouse. As the insects eat, excrete, and rapidly reproduce, the situation can result in the loss of a lot of stored grains and a heavy deterioration in quality parameters. In the loose grains, insects and pests grow at a tremendous pace. In a large number of cases, the infestation can be visible only when the mass hatching of grain beetles starts. It might come to you as a surprise that the generation cycles of the grain beetles are only 25 or even lesser days when under optimal conditions. By the time they get noticed, it is already too late to act.

The egg-laying capacity of grain beetles is one per day, and therefore, they can be present in the stored grains at any stage of the progression. When it comes to the pesticide treatment, it only kills the fully developed beetles; while the eggs, larvae, and pupae stay inside the sealed grains and remain fully protected. The stored grains are always exposed to a wide range of pests depending on the climatic conditions. It is the ambient temperature that determines the activity fluctuation of the insects as they are highly sensitive to temperatures prevailing in a particular grain store. When the temperatures are low, the insects get into the dormant state with a drastically reduced reproductive cycle.

Cooling slows down pests and fungi

Insects and moulds can survive in the stored grain only when they get a favorable environment. This is exactly where the role of an effective and efficient chiller machine manufactured and supplied by the leading chiller manufacturer in India comes into play. This chilling framework not only maintains the required temperature but also regulates the levels of humidity. The system plays a crucial role in the safety of the grain stored.

Here are some of the most prominent advantages of the cooling framework for grains:

  • Zero loss both in the quality and quantity of the grains even with the long-term storage
  • A drastic reduction in loss of dry substance caused by respiration
  • Suppression in the development of pests, moulds, and insects
  • A noticeable betterment in the quality of the stored grains concerning the healthiness
  • Undaunted protection from myocytes and mycotoxins
  • Storage of batches with many different humidity levels
  • A substantial reduction in the costs related to drying
  • No need for the elimination of the grains
  • Minimization of drying costs
  • No need to deploy specialized personnel for the functioning of the framework

With the proper use of a chiller machine manufactured and supplied by the leading chiller manufacturer in India, all the above-mentioned grain damaging processes can be kept under control. What’s more, the grain once chilled, can maintain its low temperature for a long time.

Concluding Remarks

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