Cooling assure

Graintechnik assure

Assure your grains health with complete solutions in the graintechnik assure program. Graintechnik assure program gives you extended warranty, spares support and 24×7 on field service assistance on purchase of new gt models. So when your grains health is at stake, just remember grain technik has your back.

Graintechnik assure incorporates

It contains three solutions.You can opt for one or more depending up on your requirement.

Extended warranty

Your gt grain chiller comes with one year warranty.However under graintechnik assure you get to extend this warranty by one more year.This gives you a total warranty coverage of 2 years or 9,000 working hours on all new models.

Service assistance

While your gt grain chiller is automatically eligible for free service for one year. Grains assure gives you the option of extending this coverage to the 2nd year

Service assistance

With one year warranty you are already entilled to enjoy this 24×7 on field service
Assistance .However, under grains assure program you get to extend this service by one more year.

Spares parts replacement

Product/serviceNew modelOld/existing model
Warranty extended from 1 to 2 yearsYesCharges applicable
24×7 on field service assistanceyesCharges applicable
Spares supportyesCharges applicable
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