Heavy duty design cable comes with two steel cable ropes to increase tensile strength. The cables are dust and explosion proof.

The two layer heavy duty grade cable with special design ensures that replacing sensors is simple. The inner cable can be easily pulled out instead of replacing the entire cable. The unique design of the cable bracket makes for secure installation & weather proofing.

GT-CLOUD system is offered in three different versions:

Basic Version-

The user can read the grain temperature and historical data using smart phone and computer remotely

Advanced Version

Computer based monitoring that allows the user to check wide range of data in a control room. Features include temperature monitoring, grain capacity,graphical temperature change and checking historical temperature record of over a year. The system shows silo information and grain temperature. The results are displayed level wise indicated by different colors corresponding with the current temperature condition enabling the user to immediately identify if the temperature is low or high & accordingly take action

Silo Information:

The system shows silo information and grain temperature. The results are displayed in color that each level of temperatures. So that user will be able to quickly find out the temperature is low or high.

Grain Capacity:

The system can collect data and calculate the grain capacity or loading in each silo. This avoids the need of unnecessary climbing on silo.

Graphical Information :

The graph shows the change of temperature in a specified time frame. It allows
the user to evaluate the historical changing pattern and assists in forecasting the future trend.

Historical Data :

Automatic recording of grain temperature data is done on an hourly basis. The user can check the historical grain temperature at any instant.

Cloud Business Version :

This version is targeted for individual business owners or corporate headquarters which have multiple sites to manage. The status of each site is reported & can accordingly be controlled nationally or internationally. The user gets all the tools of the advanced version and additionally all the benefits of the cloud monitoring system. With these features, the user can access the data from a smart phone, computer, or tablet in any part of the world, through an internet connection. Additional features like alarm / text / email notifications relating to temperature increase are available in this version.

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