Advantages Of GT - Cooler

Most developing countries are located in tropics. These areas generally have high rainfall and humidity, which are ideal conditions for the development of micro-organisms and insects, causing high levels of deterioration of crops in storage.

  • Maintains the harvest freshness.
  • Eliminating the need of fumigation and other chemical treatment for insects.
  • Eliminating the grain weight loses caused due to respiration.
  • Eliminates electrical/fuel drying expenditure for safe storage.
  • Prevents from Fungusand life threatening mycotoxins.
  • Moist grain can also be dried using economical drying mode.
  • No change in color of grain.
  • Prevents formation of hot spots.
  • No chances of backing of grains.
  • Pallets cooling to eliminate breakage and stress cracks.
  • Reduction on broken rice.
  • High germination quality.
  • Highly safe and easy to operate.
  • No need of additional grain circulation silo to avoid hot spot/backing.
  • Weather independent to operate.
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