Parboiled rice

Duraisamy Modern Rice Mills, founded by Mr. Sundra Moorthy in 2003, is located in Chinna Salem, Tamil Nadu, India. Their brand Mayil (“Peacock”) is one of the most famous end-consumer brands in Tamil Nadu. They offer finest quality South Indian rice varieties like Thanjavur Ponni rice and Raja Boham rice, sourced from reliable local farmers. Possessing a state-of-the-art processing and storage facility set up by Bühler, they have a paddy storage capacity of 4 silos of 1000 metric tons each. Known for aged single boiled rice, their standard storage time for rice is 1 year in controlled temperature. The biggest challenge for them is storing the grain in metal silo during the summers, when the temperature can rise up to 42 °C, leading to losses due to color changes, cracks, infestation as well as dry matter losses.


In 2018, Mr. Yuvaraj and his technical team showed interest in using grain chilling technology supplied by Grain Technik Pvt. Ltd. The loading of the silos at site would begin in the month of November and end within February each year. The ambient temperature in summer would range between 36°C – 44°C.

In 2019, Grain Technik Pvt. Ltd.’s gT-250 was installed, able to cool down the grain from 40 °C to 18 °C even during the peak summer. After monitoring the moisture content and temperature for 2 months, the next cooling cycle was started, although this time not to achieve a deep cooling, as aging was desired. After another 2 months, the paddy was taken for milling, the milling results, as well as the detailed method of cooling and results achieved, can be found here (know more).

The GT-250 proved to be an efficient tool to control both the temperature as well as the relative humidity inside the grain bulk met all the performance parameters expected.


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April 23, 2017

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